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Best Electronic Raising Desks

There are many problems associated with sitting for long hours in your office and home in front of the computer. The latest research in this area indicates that it can cause a lot of health problems in the long run when you tend to sit for long duration.

To counter this issue, many people used to take a break once in a while and walk around to get some exercise to their body. However, this is not a feasible option and you will have to again come back and sit in the same desk for few more hours.

There is no need to worry about this situation anymore as you can comfortably get the standing desk for working on your computer. The best part about using this equipment is that you can comfortably adjust the height of the desk to suit your individual requirements.

In this way, you can use the same desk for working in a sitting position and you can adjust the height to a standing position when you want to work in this manner. There is no need to work hard when you have to adjust the height of the desk and it can be electronically done with the help of the gas springs that come installed on the equipment.

Once you are in a comfortable position, you will be able to work for long hours without any problems as your body will not disturb you when you frequently change the position. The small investment you make on this equipment will give you a lot of health benefits in due course.

Vivo Sit to Stand Desk – best height adjustable standing desk

You can now comfortably go from sitting to standing position in quick time when you choose the Vivo Height adjustable desk for your workspace. The equipment comes with a gas spring riser and this will help you to seamlessly convert the position in a short duration without any hassles.

It also features tabletop of suitable size to comfortably accommodate two monitors. In this manner, people using dual monitors will not face any problems with new desks. As the standing desk set can be easily placed on your existing table, you do not have to find additional space for this equipment.

When you keep it in the sitting position it will be of the same height as your regular table and you can comfortably increase the height by using the buttons provided in the desk set. The desk set has two slots and you can comfortably put the keyboard and the mouse in one slot and the monitors and other accessories in the other slot.

You also get separate locks for placing your monitors and they will not fall when you are adjusting the height of the desk. The assembly is also very simple and you can do it yourself without any assistance.

Using this equipment will give you the best comfort needed for working in your office for long hours. The height of the desk can be conveniently locked and there is no risk of the accessories falling off the table.


  • It provides a spacious work area for dual monitors
  • The lower deck has enough space for the keyboard and mouse
  • It can conveniently hold the weight of up to 37lbs
  • You can even place this on your existing desk


  • Slightly expensive when compared to normal desks

Mount-Its height adjustable desk – Electric sit stand workstation desk

When you want to adjust the height of your workstation, you can conveniently use this equipment and set the height of the desk to your comfort position. All this can be achieved in seconds with the help of the electrically powered height adjusting mechanism.

This provides the comfortable atmosphere in your workspace and helps you to get rid of back pain that comes with sitting for a long duration. It does not require any additional space and you can conveniently install it in your office area. There is a separate slot for the keyboard and mouse and you will not have any problems in keeping additional accessories on the desk.

The unit does not require any assembly and you can use it straight away in your workplace. As the entire unit is powered by an electric motor, there is no need to lift the desk when you want to adjust the height to your comfortable position.

This will give you the best option between switching your positions and you can comfortably sit for a few hours and change your position to standing for the next few hours. Many people suffering from back pains and other issues will find it very useful when they use this desk for a couple of months.


  • The height of the workstation can be increased from about 5 inches to 17 inches
  • The working area is large enough to hold dual monitors
  • The electric motor does not make any noise and you can increase the height in quick time
  • Does not require any assembly


  • Costs more when compared to the regular office desks

Stand Up Desk Store – wide stand up desk with electric control

You can comfortably adjust the height of your desk from about 28 inches to 42 inches within no time using this equipment. There is no risk of the accessories and monitors falling off the desk when you are adjusting the height as the monitors can be conveniently locked to the desk.

Yet another advantage of using this device is the split top design which will give you ample space to store all the additional accessories required for your everyday work in your office. It is extremely durable and made with a steel frame. It will also save time as you can change between different positions without any problems.

There are many manual versions of such equipment available in the market and it will take a long time for you to setup the equipment. This is not a convenient option when you want to change the position many times during the day. The best option in this situation is to use the electronically adjustable platform for your workspace.


  • Made from durable steel frame and has the best outlook
  • The power unit can be installed on either side of the desk
  • The motor comes with a good warranty from the company
  • The workspace is large enough to hold additional accessories


  • You have to spend more money than the normal desks

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