How to Build Your Own Standing Desk

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How to Build Your Own Standing Desk

Standing desks are great pieces of office furniture that have a variety of benefits for your work and health, however, they can cost too much for your budget. Some people doubt if a standing desk can really help them work better. In situations like this, you can try buying an inexpensive brand first.

However, if you don’t really want to invest too much money, then just build your own standing desk. This way, you can decide whether you would want to buy a much better standing desk or monitor riser in the future.

Below are some of the options to try together with the simple instruction to build your own standing desk.

Using construction materials

If you have spare materials like wood that you aren’t using, then you can easily convert your workstation to a standing desk. The things you will need would be a trestle, one or more wall shelves, and a capital bracket or two, depending on the model you have designed; you can spend as little as $22.

This is a good investment since this DIY standing desk is sturdier than the other options you will learn below. To build your personalized desk, just try mixing and matching the parts.

The advantage of this is that you can add more shelves or set the height at the level you want so you don’t have to adjust it later. Meanwhile, if you need to reassemble it, the parts are also easy and quick to remove.

Using an adjustable lap desk

Adjustable lap desks resemble a monitor riser. It’s just that they do not have keyboard trays for they are designed for laptops.

You can simply put it on top of your existing desk and adjust to the height and angle at which you are most comfortable. And you can quickly store or carry it somewhere.

The price of adjustable lap desks is around $50, which is still affordable. However, the size of the desk could be too small for PC users. It is, therefore, recommended to use textbooks or boxes for your keyboards and mouse.

Using a coffee table

This method works the same way as using the adjustable lap desk; you can either place your coffee table on top of your existing desk or vice versa. You have to see which one of the two is larger or heavier to make sure neither will be damaged.

With this kind of standing desk, you can have a large and stable work area. However, you will need to raise the monitor a little higher because coffee tables are usually 1’ to 2’ high only.

Aside from this, it will not be easy to lift your coffee table or work desk because they are commonly made of heavy materials.

Using textbooks and boxes

Stacking your textbooks or boxes should be the first thing you should do if you just want to have a feel of what standing while working is. You have to do three stacks for each of your devices: monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Remove or add books/boxes to adjust the height of the desk. It is only a temporary solution or an experiment that you should try because this standing desk won’t be stable; it puts your laptop or computer at risk since the parts are not attached.

Tips in choosing the right standing desk for you

If you are done with your experiment and now willing to buy a decent standing desk, here are some of the tips you should remember.

Know what kind of standing desk you prefer

There are several kinds of standing desks you can choose from. The fixed standing desks are usually cheaper and sturdier, while adjustable standing desks are more versatile.

Aside from these, there are also exercise standing desks with treadmills to keep your body active and help burn calories, achieving fitness, work, and health goals.

Choose between manual, electric, and balanced mechanical systems

These height adjustment systems are one of the factors or features you first should look at when you buy a standing desk. Among all three options, the electric offers the easiest way of adjusting the height since you will only push some buttons.

On the other hand, the counterbalance ensures the stability of your desk and work.

Read online reviews from trusted sites

Knowing what the buyers are saying is a great way to assess if a product will be worth the price. Aside from that, you need to discover both the pros and cons.

This way, you can better decide if the standing desk is the right one for your office.

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