How to Use a Standing Desk

Standing Desk Advice

How to Use a Standing Desk

Standing is the new sexy. Have you ever heard of standing desks? Well, I’m pretty sure you have because it has been frequently used due to its convenience and very comfy style. The popularity of this desk started during the 18th and 19th century.

Standing desks allow you to do your desk job while standing. They can be custom built, which is another thing most customers will appreciate, and in the future we can expect that standing desk will surpass the conventional desks.

Some also modify their regular desk into a standing desk (costing them nothing) by elevating their laptops through putting something above the table or underneath it – total life hack! The idea of standing all day facing your computer screens is way better than sitting while staring right at it. Well, that goes for me!

Why Use a Standing Desk

A lot of people have been using a stand-desk because it’s trendy. Aside from that, it is due to its health benefits. Standing desks have become a hit in the tech field because most of us sit in front of our computer for our daily jobs.

Advocates of the stand-desk have been pointing out researches that show that standing makes the blood sugar levels in the body return to normal faster. Also, unlike sitting, standing reduces the risk of shoulder and back pain.

There are also numbers of purported health benefits that standing offers, though such benefits have not yet been clearly established. Meanwhile, excessive time spent on sitting is linked with a high risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer resulting in premature death.

Not sitting does have many different meanings. It can be by walking, pacing or just merely standing. But, their health effects may vary.

The real contribution to our health of these standing desks is not yet certain while studies have been conducted. Nonetheless, you’d rather try standing while doing your desk works than sit and gain weight or caught diseases. To do so, you might as well include using it in your daily routine!

Some health experts suggest after conducting studies that office workers should stand or walk for at least two hours each workday. This means that using a standing desk, if properly used, will surely aid us in having a healthy way of living.

Standing does us a lot better than sitting. By including it in our daily routine, a productive day is surely achieved. So the question is, what is the proper way of using a standing desk? It’s as simple as this:

Use a gel mat

In order to lessen the pressure on our body and support our feet for us to stand longer, a gel or anti-fatigue mat is needed.

Do simple exercises

By doing simple exercises throughout the day, we can break down body fats and it will help improve the circulation in our legs – especially air squats. There are also other exercises which will help improve blood circulation in our legs. It can be through walking or by simply climbing up and down the stairs.

Be more productive

Overexerting your routine will definitely do you no good. If you get tired of standing, then sit. You can do a lot of things while you’re sitting anyway which will also help, and after some time you can switch back to standing again.

This will not only improve your body but will also keep you energized. You can even create or develop a schedule when to sit and when to stand. Once you’ll get used to it, the time spent while standing will eventually increase.

Getting the proper posture

Talking about standing desks, it does not only concern how long you stand but also “how” you stand. Practicing the right standing posture is very important. You must ensure the following:

  • Your elbow must be bended 90 degrees
  • The distance from computer of about 15 to 30 inches
  • Monitor must be 20 % tilted
  • Neutral wrists
  • Leveling your eyes with the monitor
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Knees slightly bent
  • Shift weight occasionally
  • Slow movements is needed for circulation
  • Bear in mind to sit whenever you feel the need to

Getting used to your new standing desk might take time. We have to remember the important things we must and must not do while using it.

The tips will also help you in doing so. The health benefits it can give can surely become your motivation in achieving a more productive work lifestyle while using a standing desk.

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