Stand Up Desk Store Standing Desktop Desk, 32-Inch Review

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Stand Up Desk Store Standing Desktop Desk, 32-Inch Review

Be more productive at the office by working while standing instead of sitting. Add this standing desktop desk from the Stand Up Desk Store on top of your desk. It has 32” of surface area that is wide enough for your computer, documents and other accessories.

This product provides 6 height options that are easy to adjust. There are snap buttons that raise or lower your desk 1” at a time; this way, you can find the height that is most comfortable for you.

Aside from this, the 4 legs are not just strong and stable; they are also made of aluminum to ensure durability. You can expect to use them for years. Furthermore, the instructions for setting the Stand Up Desk Store Standing Desktop Desk are simple to follow.

You can assemble everything by yourself in minutes for the desk only has 8 screws. Improve your body posture while you enjoy a different approach of working at home or in the office with this affordable and durable standing desk.


  • An adjustable standing desk designed to be placed on your desk
  • Provides 6 height options to accommodate your height
  • Easy to adjust with the help of snap buttons
  • Has 4 sturdy, telescoping legs made of aluminum to increase the durability of the product
  • Height can be adjusted from 11.5” to 16.25”
  • Surface area dimension: 32” W x 23.5”
  • Easy to assemble with only 8 screws which are included in the box


If you want to know whether a standing desk can level up your productivity, consider buying this 32” standing desktop desk. Created by Stand Up Desk Work, this product is one of the best on the market today.

In fact, it’s been gaining popularity because it is affordable yet durable. Not only will it help you work more enthusiastically, it also provides health benefits you don’t get while sitting down.

This product is designed to be put on your existing desk. Compared to other brands, this one can be adjusted to 6 levels to accommodate your height.

Simply adjust the snap buttons to set up the table to the height at which you are most comfortable. Aside from this, the desk has a 32” surface width which is enough for dual monitors and other computer accessories.

You can put your computer, mouse, and keyboard on top of it with enough room for your hands and arms to rest.

While the 4 telescoping legs have snap buttons, they are stable and sturdy. You will not experience wobbling as you type or write on your standing desk.

Furthermore, they are also made of aluminum to ensure that the product will be used for years. Setting up the whole thing is easy; you will only need 8 screws which are included in the box. Since this product has no extra shelves or parts, you will be able to assemble it in minutes.


In order to find out whether this product is what you need in the office, you should know its disadvantages. Like other products on the market, it also has limitations.

One thing that you will notice is that it cannot replace your old desk.  Since the standing desk is designed to be put on top of the desk, you cannot use it alone. Some say that it is not great for people as tall as 6’.

Another thing that could be an issue is the lack of instruction. Although you can figure out how to do it, it’s best to have a manual to follow so as to make sure that you correctly assembled it.

Lastly, some said that the surface dimension is small.  Other brands of the same size have a second shelf or desk to provide space for the keyboard and mouse.


This standing desk is another product from the Stand Up Desk Store that has been changing the way people work in the office. It is less expensive compared to other brands that offer the same quality.

And perhaps, another reason why people buy it is because it is simple and straightforward. No need to get confused while assembling it because it is easy enough for you to put it together on your own.

For all these reasons, this standing desktop is deserved to be tagged as one of the best.

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