Standup Desk Benefits: Becoming a Healthier Workforce One Desk at a Time

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Standup Desk Benefits: Becoming a Healthier Workforce One Desk at a Time

With more people spending extended hours in the office, workers are trying to figure out how they can counter the negative effects of sitting down for long periods. You would be surprised to learn that sitting for up to six hours can lead to a variety of health issues ranging from heart disease to cancer.

This has led more employees and employers to consider standup desk benefits, as they can help to fight against illnesses as a result of poor posture, lack of movement, and more when inside the office. Below are just a few of the most prevalent benefits of choosing a standup desk over a traditional desk.

What is a Standing Desk?

Before you start looking into the benefits of one, it’s first important to know what a standing desk is.

These unique pieces of furniture came into popularity once people in the workforce started to become interested in ergonomic furniture. As a specially designed type of office furniture, ergonomic desks and chairs are designed to keep your body comfortable and stable while at work. They used to be recommended for individuals dealing with physical injuries and soreness, but in today’s day and age, they’re recommended for relatively everyone.

A standing desk is similar to a traditional desk in the fact that you will still have sufficient amount of space on your desktop for your computer and other office supplies. What makes them different is they can be adjusted to accommodate comfortable working situations for people of varying heights.

Depending on the type of standing desk you find, you may be able to take advantage of other features such as wheels at the bottom of the desk for mobility, extra storage shelves, and even integrated treadmills.

Boosting Employee Productivity

If your business has begun to suffer in terms of the amount of work your employees are completing on a regular basis, it may be because of generic office furniture. The more uncomfortable people are when they’re doing their work, the more likely they are to get distracted and refrain from putting their all into each and every project.

Since standing desks are a great way to alleviate different types of pain, you’ll be giving your employees the comfort they need.

Another one of the great standup desk benefits is it offers variation to where your employees don’t need to get up and walk away from their desk throughout the day. If a worker has been sitting for hours on end and feels like stretching their legs, they can easily raise their standup desk and get the stretch they need without taking time away from work. It keeps your employees focused so they can get more done at the end of the day.

Lowering the Risk of Obesity

If there’s one major health concern affecting the majority of countries around the world (primarily in North America), obesity can lead to a variety of ailments ranging from diabetes to heart conditions. With the help of a standing desk, you’re going to lower your chances of becoming obese simply because it will motivate you to become more active.

Even though standing barely burns more calories than sitting (approximately two additional calories every 15 minutes), being able to become a little more mobile in the office will encourage you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The ability to adjust your workstation to a standing position will help to boost your energy levels, so you aren’t as tired when you get home from work. At this point, you’ll have the energy to take a walk or a run instead of coming home, showering, eating, and heading straight to bed.

Flexibility with Offered Designs

A standup desk isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, as every worker has a certain type of workstation they prefer to use. For example, some employees may prefer a larger desk whereas others may prefer a smaller and more compact desk. Luckily, standup desks come in a variety of different sizes and designs to accommodate the needs of everyone in the office.

This is particularly beneficial for company owners who might be looking for ways to change the appearance of the office, such as making more space in cubicles. Instead of using large desks with too much space, you can opt for a smaller standing desk to save space.

Everyone’s needs will be able to be matched easier than if you were to shop around for new traditional sitting desks.

Improving Your Lifespan

It’s hard to believe that a piece of furniture could help you to live longer, but you would be surprised at how easy it is to improve your longevity just by becoming slightly more active. There have been plenty of studies that connect sitting time with dying early, as the more often you sit for extended periods of time, the more sedentary you become both in and out of the office. You will also find that sitting down for extended hours can lead to type two diabetes and heart disease.

Out of 18 studies, there was a 49% higher risk of early death in people who spent the majority of their day sitting. By limiting the amount of time you sit down per day to three hours, you’re increasing your overall life expectancy by a minimum of two years.

Reduction of Back Pain

As the single most common complaint held by workers, back pain is a difficult ailment to deal with as it’s not something that only affects you while you’re at work. Standing desks have been scientifically proven to reduce the prevalence of back pain in multiple studies.

One found that up to 32% of participants noted an improvement in their back after using a standing desk for several weeks. Another study conducted by the CDC found that a standing desk reduced back and neck pain by up to 54% in four weeks.

The Importance of Standup Desk Benefits

At the end of the day, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you are comfortable at work as there is nothing worse than working in difficult conditions. With the help of a standing desk, you’ll finally have the ability to finish your daily tasks without getting distracted by pain.

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