The Best Alternatives to Expensive Standing Desks

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The Best Alternatives to Expensive Standing Desks

Varidesk is one of the most popular office furniture companies in the US known for manufacturing standing desks. Since 2013, their products have been shipped worldwide and are recommended by a lot of multinational companies.

Their standing desks are notable for being made of high-quality materials that are durable. Not only for these reasons have their standing desks become popular.

According to research, standing while working in the office is a great way to wake up your mind and be more productive. Aside from this, this method or way is also helpful in correcting posture and burning some calories.

However, these desks can be expensive for ordinary people to buy, especially if they are from top-of-of-the-line brands. If you are looking for Varidesk alternatives, below is a list of products you should check out.

Lift24 Laptop Platform from Ergotron Home

The best Varidesk or standing desk alternatives are what are called monitor risers. They are cheaper because they are designed to be placed over a desk.

And one of the best you will find on the market is the Lift24 from Ergotron Home. It comes with a simple and stylish design; the base is tempered glass, while the laptop desk is made of steel.

If you are only using a laptop in the office or at home, this monitor riser is ideal since you can also collapse and carry it anywhere.

Elevate DeskTop DT2 from InMovements

This product looks stunning in a white and gray combination, with curvy metals, and easy-to-adjust levers. It is also a monitor riser like the one above, but it elevates smoothly to the height you preferred.

There is a keyboard tray that easily slides out when you have to use your keyboard and mouse. You can put two monitors on top of the main desk and still have enough space for accessories such as speakers.

ProPlus 30

This product is small and can fit on top of most desks. It has levers on both sides of the unit that adjust smoothly to the level at which you are comfortable. The ProPlus 30 is also sturdy; it has a counterbalancing mechanism to minimize shaking while typing.

Since it is only 30” wide, it is good enough for one monitor. The good thing is there is a separate tray for your keyboard so you can have enough working space. If you want something larger, this product has 36” and 48” versions you may like.

Readydesk 2

If you like to look creative while working, you might want to get the Readydesk 2. This product is made of wood slabs with notches so you can adjust the shelves at different heights.

However, you will first have to remove the computer and put it back again when you change the height level. You can use two shelves for your computer monitor and keyboard, or only one shelf for laptops.

Although made of wood, it is sturdier than it looks. This model comes with a Readyriser which is a laptop-elevating kit, making it one of the ideal Varidesk alternatives.

DIY alternatives

If you are not yet ready to invest on a standing desk or monitor riser, you can resolve to make your own version instead. This could probably be the most fun Varidesk alternative or standing desk options, especially if you love DIYs.

Don’t want to buy anything? Then take a look around the office or your home for materials you can use to elevate your desk.

It should be something that allows easy height adjustments such as boxes or books. To make sure that the level of your desk is right, you can remove or add a box or book until you get the best height for you.

The drawback for this kind of desktop riser will be the sturdiness since the parts are not attached to each other. But if you are only using a laptop, this could be enough.

If you are your coffee table is just for display, you can use it to elevate your existing desk instead. Just ensure that your desk is strong and wide enough to handle the weight and size of the coffee table to prevent accidents.

Of course, you would not want your computer to get damaged along the way.


Despite the prices of standing desks, many people are making the shift to using it rather than an ordinary desk. The good thing is there are more brands manufacturing their own versions of the standing desk at lower prices.

Because of this, you can enjoy working while standing and all its benefits, without spending too much.

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