The Cheapest Standing Desks Under $100

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The Cheapest Standing Desks Under $100

If you are spending too much time sitting in front of your computer, walking around every once in a while might not be enough to wake your body and mind. Research says that sitting while working can cause serious problems to your health.

This is why a standing desk is recommended in the offices. This office furniture is often adjustable to suit the height you are comfortable working at. It can help correct your posture and keep you productive.

While there are expensive brands on the market that provide quality, you can also find inexpensive standing desks. In fact, these articles listed down the best standing desk which you can buy between $100 to $200. Some of them even include free shipping, too.

Techni Mobili Mobile Laptop MDF Cart

Laptop users find a real deal in buying this amazing standing desk. It is designed with dual wheel casters on the bottom so you can transport it to different locations or rooms. It has an MDF construction that is built to last.

Aside from this, it also has a laminated PVC surface and a storage space for all your belongings. You can daily experience the benefits of standing while working on your presentations, reports, and articles.

Quik Lok LPH-003 Laptop Stands

This product has a unique design and is made of durable steel. It is more of a tripod laptop holder which is big and sturdy enough to handle any size of laptop. The Quik Lok LPH-003 Laptop Stand includes a mouse tray which you can place on either side of the stand.

It is also retractable so you can store it easily. Furthermore, the stand can swivel up to 360°, accommodating whatever position at which you are most comfortable.

Traveler Folding Stand up Desk

The name already says it all: This inexpensive standing desk is great for people who are always on the move. Portable and lightweight, you can fold it easily and carry it around the office or to wherever you have to be.

In fact, it fits into your carry-on luggage. However, you would have to put it on a desk or any surface such as kitchen table so you can use it while standing.

The desk is wide enough for any size of a laptop and can be tilted up to 45° if you need to. A clip will be included which you can use to keep your laptop from sliding.

Speedy Stand Up Portable Desk Golden Beech

If you do not want the hassle of assembling or adjusting your standing desk, this product would be your best option. Simply put it on top of your existing desk and you can now work while standing. You can put more than one laptop or monitor on top of it because it is sturdy and stable.

It has a golden-beech finish that looks classy, and compliments your wooden furniture. However, it is only ideal for those people who are 5’3’’ to 5’11’’ tall because it is only 12” high.

FitDesk TableTop Standing Desk

You can have a versatile standing desk that you can place on top of any working surface. This product is stylish in a black and white combination, and only weighs 9.9 lbs.

You can also use it while sitting. The manufacturer added massaging rollers and a hand exerciser to add to the health benefits. It adjusts up to 16,” accommodating the height of average people.

This portable and inexpensive standing desk is sure to transform your workstation without having to spend too much money.

Workez Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk for Laptops

If you are willing to spend a little more, choose the Workez Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk For Laptops. This product works best for laptop users, as well as those who prefer desktops.

It has a separate keyboard tray and a mouse pad which can be positioned on the left or right side.

The Original Stand Steady Desk

This product has received praise for its affordability and high quality. Though it does not have a keyboard tray, it is wide enough for your computer monitor and keyboard.

It has over 3 square feet of space under the desk where you can put other accessories such as a printer. Aside from this, it adjusts up to 15.25” and only weighs 11 pounds.

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