Top-selling Motorized Standing Desk

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Top-selling Motorized Standing Desk

While having an adjustable standing desk in the office is already great, there is a much better version of a standing desk to beat this. A motorized standing desk, or sometimes called an electric adjustable desk, is designed to make your office life even better. Some adjustable standing desks do not have gas springs, requiring you to unscrew and screw parts just to lift your desk higher.

On the other hand, a motorized standing desk saves you from that extra work of manually changing the height of your desk by just pressing specific buttons. If you are considering buying one, below is a list of the best motorized standing desks today to help you decide which brand to buy.

VertDesk v3 Electric Sit-Stand Desk

This product has a natural bamboo top that looks classic and stylish, enhancing the ambiance of your office. It has powder-coated legs which are made of steel for durability.

The German-engineered motor of the desk makes adjusting the height swift and smooth. According to reviews, this version is sturdier and more stable than the older versions, minimizing the wobbling when at full extension.

The weight capacity has increased to 275 lbs., too. Lastly, it comes complete with a 10-year warranty for the frame and top, and a 5-year warranty for the electronics.

NewHeights Elegante XT Electric Sit-Stand Desk

This product has an impressive height range of 24-51”, which is one of the reasons why it is one of the best motorized standing desks. The push-button control adjusts 1.5” per second to the height you prefer.

You can opt to buy only the base if you want a better work surface. Meanwhile the 24’’ x 30’’ thermally fused or high-pressure laminate work surface is wide enough for dual monitors or for two people working together.

The whole unit can handle as much as 325 lbs. on two legs, and 450 lbs. on 3 legs. Other amazing feature of this product are its standard adjustable wire management and included USB port power strips.

StandDesk from UpDesk

UpDesk designed this product for people who are looking for a more budget-friendly motorized standing desk. The motor that raises and lowers the height of your desk is simple to use.

The two-button system can even remember your favorite settings so that you can adjust the desk faster for your comfort. The StandDesk comes in a variety of tops to choose from: a laminate surface, beige bamboo and brown bamboo finish.

With its affordability, excellent cable management, and customization options, this product is no doubt one of the best motorized standing desks on the market.

Ikea Bekant

The Ikea Bekant stands 5’ wide, with a minimalist and modern design. By its minimalistic looks, you should be able to see that this product was created by IKEA.

The buttons for adjusting the height are basic and easy to use. However, you cannot program it to remember your previous settings. It converts smoothly and reaches up to 48.”

Fully Jarvis Junior

Although smaller in structure, the Fully Jarvis Junior works great, making it to the top standing desk brands. It is perfect for small workstations with some of the amazing features a regular Jarvis standing desk has.

There is a programmable handset for adjusting the height. It is sturdy, customizable, and comes in a variety of good looking tops.

60-inch Electric Stand Desk

This product has unique features that other motorized brands do not have. It is designed not just for easy adjustments but for mobility, too.

The wheels help you transport the whole unit to another room or different locations with ease. You can purchase an all-white or all-black unit to suit the décor of your office; you may also find the two-tone color options attractive as well. Your box includes a 15’ power cable, which is important when working with an electric standing desk.

Ergo Depot Jarvis

This is perhaps the best of among the best-motorized standing desk you will see. Its quality and durability are better than the other brands. The rock-solid frame and push buttons allow you to enjoy a stable and easy-to-adjust desk while working.

Plus, the contoured edges that follow the shape of your body add comfort. Its ingenious design is what makes it a favorite of review sites and modern offices.

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